Our Story

Meet the "Faces"! 

Casey Face is the founder of Canteen Coffee Co. She has an extensive background in hospitality, interior design, and wedding and event planning.


Casey worked in restaurants for most of her adolescent and adult life. Later, she became a professional wedding & event planner, assisting couples in creating their dream events. However, after her first child was born, Casey wanted to step away from working long nights and weekends to focus on her family. For years, she struggled with ways to share her creative side with the world while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and making a living wage. It was when she sat down to write out all of her passions and experiences that she came up with the idea to open a cafe. By becoming her boss, she could design her schedule in a way that would allow her to be home in the evenings with her family and still utilize her professional talents and creative side. 

Casey knew that she wouldn't just open any cafe. She wanted to use only the best local-quality ingredients for whatever she would be making and serving. As an interior designer, her cafe would need to be aesthetically pleasing and tell a story of who and what Canteen was all about - authentic, quality, and with a stylistic ode to the past. 

Casey's love of nature, antiques, and hosting dinners at her countryside home fuels Canteen Coffee Co. Some of her interests and passions include antique finds, historic Adirondack camps, foraging and gardening, campfires, cooking and hosting alfresco dinners, interior design, and architecture. 

Casey, along with her husband Bryan and their two little girls Grace and Evelynne, are beyond excited to offer a place for their local community to visit and enjoy quality food, beverages, and friendly conversations.